Take a look at our most exciting piece of hog roasting equipment to date, our BBQ set! This barbeque plate can be added to the top of our hog roaster and it provides maximum surface area for all-year grilling. The doors which are usually used in the traditional hog roasting process are hung on the ends of the machine out the way.

Nothing beats a laidback Barbie, and our BBQ set makes barbequing for even the largest groups really easy. You can cook all sorts of meat on top of this kit, from sausages and burgers to kebabs and chicken wings. Beneath the main grill you can heat side dishes and keep already cooked products warm. Heat on the upper level comes from two burners that run the length of the machine. These are thermostat controlled to ensure even temperatures and the perfect cooking environment.

This kit really makes your hog roaster more versatile. It’s a great investment before the summer season and opens up more opportunities in both casual and formal catering.

Take a look at our other supplementary roaster kits and get in touch to discuss any queries you may have! We’re here to help and with 50 years in the catering industry, we know what we’re talking about.

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