Spit Roast Kit

Get ready to cook up a storm with this traditional approach to roasting. Our spit roasting accessory features a large and sturdy spit roast pole on which you can cook a full hog or lamb. It uses a 240v motor that gently rotates your meat for succulent results. A slow turning spit pig is a sight to behold at any event, adding real drama come lunch or dinner time.

hogmaster spit pig and chefOur spit roast hog roasting equipment can hold a pig weighing anywhere up to 80kgs, so it holds a substantial piece of meat! As the pig roasts you can monitor the cooking process through the toughened glass viewing panel. Don’t be surprised if your guests want to peer through and see the meat sizzling away too. When it’s ready to carve, lift the spit up using the support bars and you can carve meat in the service position. The carving tray can then be used as a hot plate (heated by two thermostatically controlled burners) before dishing up.

If you’re looking to add excitement to your event atmosphere? A hog spit roast does the job every time. We sell to hotels, catering businesses, venues and pubs. Get in touch to find out more about us and our products.

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