Chicken Spit

Whilst a pork bap never fails to impress, roast chicken is another tasty option that can be cooked using our hog roasting equipment. Just purchase the Chicken spit it and away you go! Using traditional rotisseries style roasting, this spit pole accessory can cook up to 36 chickens at a time – that’s a whole lot of chicken! It can also be used to cook turkey, beef joints and pork legs in the same way.

To use the chicken spit set you need to also have the spit kit pole, motor and carving tray so that you can attach and benefit from the multi-chicken rotisserie. The rotisserie has 5 arms, each one can be detached one at a time when it comes to carving. Whilst the meat cooks you can monitor progress through the toughened glass panel. Then when ready, raise the support arms to lift the chickens to service level. The below burners will heat the carving tray and keep your meat warm before it’s dished up.

Chicken can also be cooked in our hog roasting tray, though it doesn’t provide quiet as much of a spectacle this way.

If you want to find out more about our hog roasting equipment, why not visit our showroom to see our machines up close?

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